This is a must-watch for all you patriots [Video]

[VIDEO] By all that is patriotic you can bet that there was no kneeling during the opening ceremonies of the Army-Navy football game on Saturday. What did occur was a singing of the National Anthem by the combined choirs of Annapolis and West Point. 

This is the way that I feel that the National Anthem must be sung. The tempo is upbeat and the strength of the choir allows for no personal displays of singing talent. It is respectful and appropriate to be sung this way. This is a must-watch for all you patriots out there. Go to it.

As Written By Benny Johnson for the Daily Caller:

Army and Navy met again Saturday afternoon on a snowy field in Philadelphia to play a football game that has been played for over 100 years.

The Army-Navy football game is one of the most storied sports traditions in the country.

This year marks the 118th time the two teams have met. The teams meet in a neutral city between their respective academies. They often play in NFL stadiums due to the enormous number of active duty and veteran fans who wish to attend.

Before the game, the choirs of the Annapolis and West Point academies joined together to sing the national anthem. It was a solemn moment and was made even more beautiful by the falling snow.

Here’s what it looked like from the stands:


Army-Navy Game’s Stunning National Anthe | The Daily Caller

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