This Is A Serious Threat To Liberty

Instead of due process, the media threatens liberty with its trial by innuendo. Judge Roy Moore is not the first public figure to be attacked by hearsay and rumor. It has reached new levels of spn and deceit in order to cripple Moore’s campaign. In this article, you can see how there is no evidence, only charges, and accusations against Roy Moore. At this pace, the judicial system will give way to trial by press. 

As Written By Alan Keyes for the Daily Caller:

The fallacious campaign to defame Roy Moore continues apace. Now comes a New York Daily News report claiming that “a retired Alabama policewoman said she was told to keep an eye on Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore because he was known to harass teenage cheerleaders at local school ball games in the 1980s.”  It goes on to say that “she was even informed that he had been suspended from Gadsden Mall because he would often target young female employees.”

The story goes on in this vein, all about what “we were told” and what “the rumor was.” However, as reported, her only references to her own factual experience consists in her reported statement that “Every day we were looking for a complaint to come in”, but “the department took no action against Moore because it never received complaints on the allegations. Moreover, the officer admits that “I had no idea that we were talking about 14 year olds.” This means that even the alleged rumors she heard contained nothing to corroborate the allegation of infamous crime that is the core of the slur campaign against Judge Moore. Yet the Daily News story takes pains to put her statements in the context of that unsupported allegation.

I doubt that anyone who has served as a prosecuting attorney has escaped being targeted by anonymous rumors and allegations intended to threaten and intimidate them. People who seek to enforce the law against criminal suspects are, by definition, often going up against lawless forces. Such forces are, also by……..


Orgy Of Lawless Trial Threatens Liberty | The Daily Caller

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