This Just Destroyed the Liberals Narrative on McCabe

The firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe set off a firestorm of accusations against President Donald Trump. If you believe the mainstream media, the firing of McCabe was strictly for political purposes. Trump did it to protect himself from investigations. Nothing could be further from the truth. Deputy McCabe has been under investigation by Inspector General Michael Horowitz well before Donald Trump was elected President. The firing of McCabe came based on a recommendation of a peer group within the FBI. The Attorney General took action based on that report. What have you been hearing? Was it some of the things mentioned here?

As Written and Reported by Chris Enloe for The Blaze:

Despite the mainstream media narrative surrounding Andrew McCabe’s Friday termination, the now-former deputy FBI director wasn’t fired for political reasons.

Instead, it was an internal Department of Justice investigation lead by inspector general Michael Horowitz that led to McCabe’s dismissal.

What does the narrative say?

In the immediate aftermath of Attorney General Jeff Session’s decision to dismiss McCabe, the media has propagated the narrative that McCabe’s termination was a political decision made to appease President Donald Trump.

On Saturday, the media was full of stories that pushed the angle that McCabe’s firing was political and Trump is to blame. Indeed, those whose comments were most widely shared and reported by the media blamed Trump and framed the story as another move by the White House to obstruct special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tweeted: “Everything goes back to Trump obstructing justice and undermining the investigation into his shameful behavior. Now he’s pressured the Attorney General of the United States to fire a 24 year FBI veteran…”

The comments of former CIA Director John Brennan were some of the most shared. He claimed Trump …….


Despite mainstream media narrative, Andrew McCabe wasn’t fired for political reasons — here’s the truth | TheBlaze

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