This Leak to CNN Could Be A Serious Crime

CNN could be involved in a serious crime involving a leak from a Federal Grand Jury. Grand Juries meet in secret. Chris Christie talks about the Mueller Grand Jury in this interview.

According to Wikipedia: The function of a grand jury is to accuse persons who may be guilty of an offense, but the institution is also a shield against unfounded and oppressive prosecution. It is a means for lay citizens, representative of the community, to participate in the administration of justice. It can also make presentments on crime and maladministration in its area.

That is why a Grand Jury maintains secrecy to their processes and findings. To leak such information is a serious crime. That just happened with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Who is going to jail for this?


As reported earlier by Breitbart

While discussing a potential indictment coming in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said the leak to the media could be a crime.

Christie said, “First off, it’s supposed to be kept a secret … There are very strict criminal laws about disclosing grand jury information. Now, depending on who disclosed this to CNN, it could be a crime.”

He added, “As a prosecutor, I can tell you, that was the thing that we emphasized the most with our prosecutors and our agents was, ‘Let me tell you, something, we will prosecute you if we find out you leaked this stuff. Because we have to have, the public have confidence in the fact that the grand jury process is secret and as a result fair. If you’re leaking stuff out of a grand jury, which happens, you shouldn’t be doing that. Again, we don’t know who leaked it to CNN. It would be a crime if prosecutors or agents leaked it.” [You can keep reading here” Breitbart]

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