This Office of Naval Intelligence report about China is bone chilling

“All during the Cold War (The first one) the United States of America competed with the Red Threat of the USSR and China. The goal was to have more and better weapons in order to dissuade the Communist countries from attacking us and to protect our freedoms of worldwide trade. It culminated in Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars gambit. That resulted in the fall of the USSR. The USA then proclaimed it was cashing in on the so called Peace Dividend. Red China has its own ambitions to dominate the Easter Pacific and the South China Sea. It will rapidly outpace our own Navy if our leadership does nothing to stay apace. This ONI report is bone chilling to this Navy veteran.” ~ Paul Clark (Chief Electronic Warfare, U.S. Navy, Retired)



China has deployed a new high-speed anti-ship cruise missile and is sharply expanding an armada of advanced guided-missile warships and submarines, according to a naval intelligence report made public Thursday.

The Office of Naval Intelligence, in its first unclassified assessment of the Chinese navy in six years, revealed deployment of the new YJ-18 supersonic anti-ship cruise missile on warships and submarines that analysts say poses a major threat to U.S. and allied vessels.

China’s current naval force of 300 surface ships, submarines, amphibious ships, and missile-armed patrol craft is rapidly expanding, the report says.

According to the report, China began building or launched more than 60 naval ships and vessels last year, and a similar number of warships are under construction or deployed for 2015.

“Major qualitative improvements are occurring within naval aviation and the submarine force, which are increasingly capable of striking targets hundreds of miles from the Chinese mainland,” the report said, adding that despite some shortfalls, “it is emerging as a well equipped and competent force.”

The key focus of the Chinese navy is anti-surface ship warfare through deployment of large numbers of advanced destroyers, frigates, and submarines, supported by long-range range over the horizon radar.

The new YJ-18 cruise missile is deployed on the newest class of destroyer called the Luyang III, and on diesel attack submarines known as the Song/Yuan class, and nuclear-powered Shang-class attack submarines.


ONI Reveals Massive Chinese Naval Buildup | Washington Free Beacon.

China Naval Destroyer


Office of Naval Intelligence report about China

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