This Senator Has Had Enough And Is Putting An End To Dems Stonewalling Trumps’s Judicial Picks!

Democrat Stonewalling has been in force since Day One of the Trump administration. The Democrats are reaping the whirlwind that they set loose when they were in control of the Senate. They were warned that their extreme measures would be back to bite them in the butt. With filibustering highly curtailed, they are left with just a Blue Slip measure. What that is and what is going to happen next is the crux of this article. 

As Written By Tony Perkins for the Daily Signal:

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, told Democrats at a rocky Senate Judiciary meeting last week.

When Democrats blew up the 225-year-old judicial confirmation rules in 2013, Grassley said they’d regret it. Now, four years later, the left is finding out just how right he was.

Sure, clearing the way for a simple majority to rubber-stamp the president’s judges seemed like a good idea at the time. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, liberals suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of the same process they manipulated.

President Donald Trump certainly doesn’t mind. He’s been filling bench vacancies at lightning speed, shattering records set in much less partisan times.

Now, left without the only weapon that could stop a confirmation—the filibuster—Democrats are grasping for anything to put the brakes on this high-speed train of nominees. What they’ve settled on is a century-old tradition born out of common courtesy: the blue slip.

Dating back to 1917, if a president nominated someone to the Senate, committee chairmen would send an evaluation form of sorts to the person’s hometown senators. They could return it, signaling their willingness to hold a hearing, or withhold it—usually grinding the ……


This Senator Is Putting an End to Democrat Stonewalling on Judicial Picks

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