This Should IMMEDIATELY End the Russia Collusion Debate

This is a breath of fresh air! The Republican party SUPPORTING something that’s anti-Russia should speak volumes to naysayers. Will it? Well we all know the Liberal Left turns a blind eye to anything and anyone who doesn’t agree with them. But we’ll see… A lot has come to light with these new testimonies from Attorney General Jeff Sessions as well as former FBI Director James Comey and while some tried to state that this support weakened the Republican platform, many on the hill believe that it strengthens it.  the proof is there, and it was actually Obama who weakened it but failing to show resolve of any kind on the matter. At least Trump does what he says he’ll do!

Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comments below.

As Written By Russ Read for The Daily Caller:

The Republican platform on supporting Ukraine against pro-Russian rebels was strengthened, not weakened, despite Democratic claims, Sen. Tom Cotton said Tuesday.

Cotton’s alleged correction came during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence regarding the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia.

“For the record, as stated earlier, the Republican platform was weakened on the point of arms for Ukraine. That’s incorrect,” the Arkansas senator said. “It was actually strengthened. I would add it was the Democratic president who refused requests to supply arms to Ukraine.”

The issue surrounds some language within the Republican Party platform’s policy plank on Ukraine during the party’s convention last summer. Some publications claimed that the Trump team had “weakened” the platform on aid to Ukraine by failing to add language calling for the U.S. to provide “lethal defensive weapons” to Ukraine. The final draft of the platform instead used the term “appropriate assistance……….


Cotton: It Was Obama Who Stopped Arms To Ukraine | The Daily Caller

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