This Was Most Likely Trump’s Smartest Move

Without a shadow of a doubt, President-Elect Donald Trump’s smartest move was in ignoring the GOP establishments autopsy of the Mitt Romney defeat. That autopsy got it all wrong as you will read in this article. Basically the GOP was going to move left, become even less confrontational, and be more like the Democrate party. Donald Trump did none of this as you can see in retrospect. Obviously he can discerne between good and bad advise. That is to our good fortune.

As Written By Frank Cannon and Terry Schilling for The Federalist:

With this week’s announcement that Donald Trump has officially won the vote in Michigan, the 2016 presidential election has just about finally come to a close — last-minute recount petitions notwithstanding. With Republicans now set to control both houses of Congress, the White House, and numerous governor’s mansions and state houses, GOP optimism has skyrocketed as party leaders begin to plan the next year’s agenda.

In fact, in the wake of Trump’s surprise electoral victory, it has become distressingly easy to forget exactly how much America’s political outlook has changed over the course of just a few short years.

Back in early 2013, the future of the Republican Party looked bleak — or so we were told. “Demographics are destiny,” Washington pundits gleefully parroted ad nauseum. “Republicans may never win a presidential election again!” The sound defeat of Mitt Romney, whom the GOP establishment regarded as The Perfect Candidate™, could only mean the beginning of a permanent Democratic majority.

The Autopsy that Bombed

Amidst the doom and gloom, the Republican National Committee commissioned a report, widely dubbed an “autopsy,” which recommended several changes to facilitate a victory in 2016. According to the report authors, Republicans needed to “modernize the party,” become more “inclusive and welcoming,” and “do a better job connecting people to our policies.”

It encouraged party leaders to spend more effort on outreach to minorities, and endorsed support for comprehensive immigration reform to appeal to Hispanics, while arguing social issues ought to be de-emphasized, so as not to seem “intolerant” to young people. It also took no issue with the GOP’s bland economic messaging, despite Romney famously losing the “cares about people like me” question by a whopping 63 ….

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Ignoring The GOP Establishment’s Advice Might Have Been Trump’s Smartest Move

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