This Will Be The REAL Hillary Disaster

There are so many scandals that revolve around Bill and Hillary Clinton that it is hard to fathom what would constitute a real disaster. You have to think back to the Nixon era to figure this out. President Nixon’s scandal drove him to his resignation. He went into the night without a lot of fuss. That will not happen if Hillary is elected and her criminal activities are called into account. There will be scorched earth all over the planet as they attempt to avoid the consequennces. It is all explained fully in this excellent article.

As Written By J. Robert Scott for American Thinker:

Symptomatic of Republican feebleness, two men: Rep. Jim Jordan (Conservative, OH) and former Bush Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson (GOPe).  Both came out in recent days to scold James Comey.  The FBI director, declared the two, is just plain wrong for announcing his agency’s renewed investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Claims Thompson, in a Washington Post (establishment propaganda organ) commentary, Jim Comey is “damaging our democracy” by interjecting news of the FBI inquiry so close to the election.  Get this: Thompson co-wrote his commentary with Jamie Gorelick, one of Bill Clinton’s deputy attorney generals.  Bill Clinton: perjurer, and along with his wife, serially corrupt since the 1980s.  Admittedly, Gorelick possesses a lot of insider knowledge about hurting our democracy.

Jim Jordan, on the other hand, chairs the U.S. House Freedom Caucus.  The Caucus is reputed to be the cream of the crop among House conservatives.  Jordan, too, as reported via USA Today, questions Comey’s judgment.  He did it on Fox & Friends the other morning.

Let me get biblical on you for an instant.  Jordan and Thompson are reminiscent of the Pharisees. You remember those guys.  They followed the letter of the law down to its minutest detail while ignoring its spirit.  Small-minded and blinkered, preoccupied with safeguarding the temple and its culture, the Pharisees were incapable of grasping a serious larger reality and overriding truths.  Their sanctimony blinded them all the more……

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