This will go down as another Fake News story created by the media

The New York Times, like many of its liberal readers, cannot use a calendar to sort through the details of their own stories. In this report, you will see how they were too quick jumping on a story about a drunk Trump aide talking to an Australian diplomat. They spun that up into a reason, the real reason, for the FBI to investigate a Trump-Russia collusion story. They are terribly wrong in that the dates are after the administration’s first FISA request. This will go down as another Fake News story that President Trump can tweet about.

As Written and Reported by Ian Hatchett for Breitbart: 

The New York Times reported Saturday that the Russia investigation began in 2016 after George Papadopoulos, a junior foreign policy aide in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, told an Australian diplomat in May 2016 that Russia had “political dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

The Australians, the Times reported, informed the U.S. about Papadopoulos’s claim two months later, after hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee were released — i.e. in July 2016.

The Times concludes that the FBI’s investigation could not, therefore, have been based on the Russia “dossier,” full of uncorroborated and discredited allegations against Trump, that was funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC:

The information that Mr. Papadopoulos gave to the Australians answers one of the lingering mysteries of the past year: What so alarmed American officials to provoke the F.B.I. to open a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign months before the presidential election?

It was not, as Mr. Trump and other politicians have alleged, a dossier compiled by a former British spy hired by a rival campaign. Instead, it was firsthand information from one of America’s closest intelligence….


No, the New York Times Did Not Prove FBI Did Not Rely on Russia ‘Dossier’ – Breitbart

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