Tom Cotton Has A Word Or Two For Folks Denouncing Pompeo and Haspel As Nominees

If Senator Tom Cotton supports the President’s latest job changes, then that should tell you that it will be good for the country. In this article written by Senator Cotton, he takes on the naysayers and gives great reasoning to the positives of the nominees. Of particular interest are the shots he takes at Senator Rand Paul. Read on.

As Written and Reported By Senator Tom Cotton for Fox News:

My colleague, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, took to this space on Thursday to announce he would oppose both President Trump’s nominations of Mike Pompeo as secretary of state and Gina Haspel as director of the CIA. His arguments against them were deeply ill-informed, and because of the misperceptions they’ve spread, they deserve a fundamental reply.

First, Senator Paul trained his sights on Ms. Haspel, whom he said “presided over practices that epitomized the abuse” of government power. Senator Paul based his argument on a single piece of evidence: a quote in a book of a CIA operative who crassly hounded a detainee while interrogating him. He was referring to her supposed tenure as head of a CIA “black site” in Thailand, which used enhanced interrogation techniques to elicit information from detainees, including Al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah. On a separate occasion, Senator Paul even went so far as to call Ms. Haspel the “head cheerleader for waterboarding.”

All of which is false. Citing a ProPublica article on the book, Senator Paul alleged the quote belonged to Ms. Haspel, but the author of the book himself later debunked his claim. It was an entirely different CIA operative. As a result, both ProPublica and Senator Paul were forced to issue corrections.

But let’s take his argument on its face. In essence, he calls it an abuse of power for a government official to execute government policy. Senator Paul may disagree with the use …..


Sen. Tom Cotton: Why I support Pompeo at State, Haspel at CIA | Fox News


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