Tom Cotton Slam Dunked Democrats Latest Screw Up [Video]

[VIDEO] Senator Tom Cotton handicaps the performance of Senator Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in the government shutdown that they authored. Senator Cotton states the obvious that the Democrats have overplayed their hand on this one. It has to come as a shock to the Dems who are used to the mainstream media carrying their water and blaming the Republicans. Not so this time. Why? Watch the video.

As Written and Reported By Nick Givas for the Daily Caller:

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said he was baffled by Democrats’ decision to shutdown the government and thinks they overplayed their hand, Tuesday on “Fox and Friends.”

“It’s mystifying to me,” Cotton said. “I think what we learned is that the American people don’t want to have the government shut down for illegal immigration.”

“What we have seen is that the Democrats’ obsession over amnesty for illegal immigrants simply is not popular,” he continued. “I think that’s significantly strengthened our hand going into these immigration negotiations to have a responsible bill for the DACA population while also controlling for those side effects, building a wall, securing our border and ending chain migration. The Democrats badly overplayed their hand here.”

Cotton said he is open to bipartisan negotiations on immigration with any member who is willing to talk, specifically citing Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin and Joe Manchin.

“I tried to sit down with Senator Durbin in the past. Senator Durbin hasn’t …


Tom Cotton Says Dems Overplayed Their Hand | The Daily Caller

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