Top 5 Things Liberals Never Remember ON Independence Day

Here is a list of the Top 5 Things Liberals Never Remember ON Independence Day

1. It’s about taxation without representation: Taxation is now in fact the redistribution of wealth in the name of fairness. What charities once gave, “entitlements” now take.

2. It was about Religious Freedom: What the ACLU was once FOR, they are now AGAINST. They are using a made up accusation of discrimination to prevent the actual practice of religious convictions.


3. It was about unjust laws: They did not pass the Bill of Rights to “see what’s in it.” It was thoroughly debated before it was brought to a vote.

4. It was about owning firearms: Simply put, YOU are the militia and government is the reason you need to bear arms.



5. It was about seizure of property: Now it is okay to seize your property for the common good. That is a key tenant of socialism and communism.


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