Top Hillary Advisor Insinuates Something Quite Explosive About Bernie Sanders

It seems like the Russians were everywhere during the 2016 Presidential election cycle. We are already familiar with the stories that claim that the President, Donald Trump, or his staff, or someone they knew, had a Russian in tow with plans to defeat Hillary Clinton. That has caused months of fruitless investigations with no one piece of evidence, a smoking gun, every turned up. Now the former Presidential candidate has found a new and interesting way to blame someone else for her so shocking defeat. Apparently, Senator Bernie Sanders also had some sort of connection with Russia that allowed him to defeat her. Really!  That’s what she says. read it here.

As Written By Joshua Caplan for The Gateway Pundit:

The length to which Hillary Clinton and her team will go to shift blame onto others for President Trump’s victory last November is stunning. Adam Parkhomenko, a long time aide to Hillary Clinton, took to Twitter Friday evening to rant about how great his boss’s presidential campaign was in 2016, while taking shots at her primary opponent Bernie Sanders.

In the middle of Parkomenko’s thread, the Clinton aide insinuates something quite explosive — Bernie Sanders may have colluded with Russia in the Democratic primary.

“PS…you seem to ignore the Russia support online for Bernie during the primaries. The guy is hiding something. Not sure I want to know what,” the aide tweeted.



“The Guy is Hiding Something”: Top Hillary Advisor Suggests Bernie Colluded With Russia During the Primary

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