Top Republican Goes After President Trump Over What?

President Donald Trump has implemented his own policy that is concerning Congressional oversight. Congressional committees have the implied and actual authority to watch over all aspects of our government. Individual Congressmen, maybe not so much. Senator Grassy is upset with the President for directing that only inquiries from committees be answered. Is this a good or bad policy?

As Written by Thomas Phiffen for the Daily Caller:

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley is going after the White House for directing agencies to ignore oversight requests from individual members of Congress.

Lawmakers regularly request information from agencies on policies or practices, but President Donald Trump’s administration directed agencies not to respond to requests from individual members of Congress, something Grassley says is detrimental to government transparency.

“Shutting down oversight requests doesn’t drain the swamp, Mr. President,” Grassley wrote in a letter to the White House dated June 7. “It floods the swamp.”

Grassley, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, said that blocking requests from rank-and-file members of Congress is contrary to the principles of government oversight.

The White House Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) directed agencies to not respond to oversight requests that didn’t come from a full committee in a May 1 memo from Acting Assistant Attorney General Curtis E. Gannon.

The directive effectively blocks Democratic lawmakers from receiving answers to questions related to the Trump administration’s execution of the law.

“Individual members of Congress, including ranking minority members, do not……


Grassley Hits White House For Ignoring Democrat Requests | The Daily Caller

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