Top US Regulator Names the Real Danger to the Internet

It has never occurred to many that the biggest threat to the internet is Silicon Valley. As the battle heats up at the Federal Communications Commission over a coming Net Neutrality ruling. A top US regulator fingers the real danger to internet freedom.

If you are a conservative and are running a blog or news feed on Facebook or Google, you are already aware of the politically correct policing that goes on there. If you do not toe the progressive line, you can be banished forever due to their “Terms of Service.” Read this strong argument for doing away with Net Neutrality.

As Written By AFP:

Washington – A top US regulator, defending an effort to roll back so-called “net neutrality” rules, said Tuesday that large internet platforms represent the biggest threat to online freedom because they routinely block “content they don’t like.”

Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai delivered remarks days after unveiling a proposal to reverse a hotly contested 2015 rule requiring broadband firms to treat all online traffic equally.

Pai said internet platforms — he singled out Twitter — play a more significant role than broadband operators in determining what internet users see.

“Despite all the talk about the fear that broadband providers could decide what internet content consumers can see, recent experience shows that so-called edge providers are in fact deciding what content they see,” Pai said.

“These providers routinely block or discriminate against content they don’t like.”

The blunt remarks appeared to confirm a tougher atmosphere in Washington for Silicon Valley firms after years of close ties.

Pai, appointed by President Donald Trump, offered an example of Twitter’s decision to block a video by a Republican candidate “because it featured a pro-life message,” referring to the…….


US regulator says Silicon Valley is threat to internet

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