Track Progress on House-Passed Jobs Bills – All the information you need is here

The House is focused on finding common ground between both parties and removing government barriers to private-sector job growth

Wondering what happened to the bill blocking the job-crushing national energy tax (stuck in the Senate)? Or what about legislation repealing the small business paperwork mandate (signed into law)? Well wonder no more: visit and select “Track Legislation,” or click on the link below to start tracking the progress of House-passed jobs bills:

This easy-to-use website, set up by Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), follows jobs bills included in the GOP jobs plan and highlights where they are in the legislative process. For example, a bill modernizing America’s patent laws that was supported by President Obama passed both the House and Senate and was signed into law. Legislation reversing the Administration’s de facto moratorium on American energy, however, remains “stuck” in the Democratic-led Senate (along with more than a dozen others).

Speaker Boehner said the House will continue working to remove government barriers to job growth by passing jobs bills with support in both parties. These will include elements of President Obama’s plan, such as the three percent withholding provision highlighted by Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in the Weekly GOP Address.

While President Obama embarks on a campaign-style “road trip” that Politico says “literally traces an escape route for Obama’s reelection campaign” through states “that are must-wins next year,” Republicans are listening to the American people and focusing on their top priority: jobs. Follow the progress on


Information in this article obtained from the E-Newsletter of Speaker John Boehner

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