Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Goes After NBC’s Chuck Todd [Video]

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd runs headlong into a verbal stiff-arm by Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin. As you would expect, Mr. Todd spun his questions in order to steer Mr. Mnuchin into a lose-lose question about President Trump. Mr. Mnuchin was having no part of it and corrected his host immediately. Mnuchin was in no mood to let Todd put words in his mouth about the President. That is an old press trick that did not fly in this interview.

As Written and Reported By Justin Caruso for the Daily Caller:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday in the wake of President Trump going after host Chuck Todd.

“I wasn’t at the campaign rally, as you know,” Mnuchin said. “But again, don’t take these campaign rallies and focus them on that’s what it is.”

“Should we stop covering the campaign rallies? Do you think it’s a mistake then for us to cover them at all, that it doesn’t matter what he says?” Todd asked. “If it doesn’t matter what he says there, if we’re to dismiss everything he says at a campaign rally, as I think you’re trying to imply, then are you saying we shouldn’t cover these things?”

“No, you’re putting words in my mouth,” Mnuchin responded. “I wasn’t in any way saying you should dismiss that whatsoever, and you should obviously carry them, because these are important moments for the president, and this is news. What I’m trying to say is, I’m focused on the policies. The policies have created…..


Mnuchin Goes After Chuck Todd In Interview | The Daily Caller

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