Trigger Warning: Julian Assange takes aim at Twitter

Just like many conservative users, Julian Assange has discovered that Twitter makes up the rules and you have to play by them. Twitter owns the playing field and is Judge, Jury, and Executioner. That is the same set of rules that you play by on Facebook and Google.

That has not set well with Mr. Assange. He discovered that for people to see images that he had tweeted, they had to click through a warning label to get to see them. Welcome to the real world, sir.

Like the rest of us, he would like to take his business elsewhere. Also just like us, he has discovered that there is no other place to do his social outreach. Twitter, Facebook, and Google control the marketplace of “everybody.” It is a monopoly just by the volume of users that are there. Everybody you know and everybody that knows you are there. Your move, Julian. Where do you gonna go?

As Written By RT:

Julian Assange hit out at Twitter for marking pictures he posts as “sensitive media,” with the WikiLeaks editor threatening to quit the site because it’s “enslaved to its US jurisdiction and politics.”

Assange told his 439,000 Twitter followers on Friday that he is looking for a “decentralized/cryptographic alternative” to the social media giant.

Twitter says it’s obliged to hand over user data to law enforcement, saying in its guidelines that it does so after undergoing a legal process, like a subpoena or court order.

Assange expressed his concern over Twitter’s privacy regulations and their impact on freedom of expression.

“Twitter’s freedom of expression has been on an inexorable decline. It’s enslaved to its US jurisdiction and politics. Although it is substantially better than Facebook that is a very low standard indeed,” Assange said online.

Assange also complained on Friday that the social media site is censoring his images………


‘Enslaved to US politics’: Assange seeks encrypted Twitter alternative — RT News

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