Trouble brewing among SCOTUS conservatives?

If I were Justice Neil Gorsuch, I’d probably listen to someone like Chief Justice John Roberts… who has the experience and wisdom that Gorsuch may need. I can entirely see why Roberts would be upset.. I mean Gorsuch didn’t take his fellow justices into consideration when drafting opinions which is something Robert says is just proper decorum.

Roberts stated, “You do have to take into account other people’s views,” he added. “It’s not just about you. You want to draft an opinion that reflects the views of the Court.”

What do you think of Roberts’ opinion? Is he right in his accusation?

As written for The Daily Caller by Kevin Daley:

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts appeared to take a veiled jab at his new colleague Justice Neil Gorsuch during a conference in Pennsylvania this week, where he reiterated his longstanding aversion to solo opinions.

The comments suggest a hint of tension between the chief and the junior justice.

In remarks given at a judicial conference in Pennsylvania this week, Roberts reiterated his long-held view that the Court should speak with one voice wherever possible — that is to say, he supports a consensus-driven approach to opinion writing in which the justices strive for unanimity and avoid writing their own concurrences or dissents. In doing so, he appeared to rebuke Gorsuch, who has flashed a propensity for writing on his own in his first months as a justice.

“There’s a different level of collegiality though and that is to appreciate you are acting as a court, not as an individual,” he said.


Chief Justice Appears To Take Shot Across Gorsuch’s Bow

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