Trump added to what watch list as a threat?

Now President-Elect Donald Trump has been put on a watch list. The Human Rights Watch is supposed to be a highly regarded organization. However, when you stoop to imagining that the President of the United States is a high threat to world human rights, some will wonder if you have sipped to much liberal progressive Koolaid. Maybe there is some political motivation as well? 

As Written By Brooke Seipel for The Hill: 

Human Rights Watch is listing President-elect Donald Trump as a threat to human rights, calling his campaign a “vivid illustration of the politics of intolerance.”

“Donald Trump’s election as US president after a campaign fomenting hatred and intolerance, and the rising influence of political parties in Europe that reject universal rights, have put the postwar human rights system at risk,” the group said in a Friday statement announcing a new report.

The 687-page World Report analyzes Trump’s campaign, pointing to his rhetoric as a cause for worry over human rights violations.

“(Trump’s) campaign floated proposals that would harm millions of people, including plans to engage in massive deportations of immigrants, to curtail women’s rights and media freedoms, and to use torture,” the ….


Human Rights Watch lists Trump as threat to human rights | TheHill

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