Trump Administration: ISIS Detainees to be RELOCATED

The White House is making preparations to send ISIS prisoners to Guantanamo Bay, aka GITMO. It will become home to the worst of the worst ISIS fighters that are captured. There is another danger here, that if the Trump administration does not do its work properly, the courts could get involved, again. Congress allowed the Obama administration a lot of leeway. This may be different.

As Written By Jonah Bennett for the Daily Caller:

The White House is finishing an executive order that would instruct the Pentagon to send Islamic State detainees to Guantanamo Bay.

The Obama administration notably refused to send ISIS fighters captured in the fight to the detention facility, but for President Donald Trump, it’s imperative to take high-level radical Islamic terrorists out of the fight, The New York Times reports.

For some, the order could function as a de facto tripwire because it could allow federal judges to rule on whether the war against ISIS is actually legal, since Congress has declined to offer any explicit authorization. Instead, the Obama administration has relied on war authorization granted in 2001, saying that the fight against ISIS is just a continuation of the fight against al-Qaida and the Taliban.

Such a claim is tenuous at best, mostly because while the seeds of ISIS first arose through al-Qaida, the group has since become so utterly different from its patriarch that it makes sense to distinguish them as two separate organizations. And if the organizations are deemed separate, it’s unclear how the 2001 war…..


White House Preparing Order To Stuff ISIS Detainees In Gitmo | The Daily Caller

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