Trump aide Papadopoulos privately denies that he was involved in any collusion scheme

George Papadopoulos again denies collusion with the Russians at anytime whatsoever. Mr. Papadopoulos has pled guilty to the FBI for lying about his contact with Russian diplomat Joseph Mifsud but claims that there was no collusion involved. What is puzzling is that the FBI waited six months before beginning to focus on Papadopoulos. Based on what is claimed so far, there will be no case of Mr. Papadopoulos being turned to testify against President Trump. He is still facing prison time for lying to the FBI, however.

As Written and Reported By Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

  • Papadopoulos has not spoken publicly about the case against him
  • Sources say Papadopoulos has privately downplayed the conversations that are the subject of the FBI investigation 
  • Sources also say Papadopoulos has privately denied collusion with the Russians

More than six months have passed since George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and began cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. In that span, speculation has swirled about whether the President Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser holds the keys to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

Democrats, including California Rep. Adam Schiff, routinely cite Papadopoulos as a possible Trump campaign conduit to Russia, and his Oct. 5 guilty plea and subsequent cooperation with Mueller has fueled speculation that he has provided damaging information about the Trump campaign’s activities.

Papadopoulos, an energy consultant who lives in Chicago, has not spoken publicly about the case against him. But two sources familiar with his thinking say that he has privately denied that he was involved in any collusion scheme. Sources say he has also downplayed the significance of conversations that he had in London with two separate diplomats in which Hillary Clinton’s emails …..


Trump Aide Papadopoulos Denies Collusion | The Daily Caller


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