Trump and Mueller Headed for a Confrontation 

If a confrontation between President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller is to be avoided, then Mr. Mueller had better be showing some good faith fairness of investigating. Mr. Mueller is approaching a crossroads and the president of the United States is looming up on his right and is controlling the right of way. Here is what may happen if Mueller stays his present course.

As Written By Conrad Black for The National Interest:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has arrived at a crossroads, and must soon reveal if he is seriously exploring the Clinton-Obama side of questionable campaign activities, or apart from some possible window-dressing, is launching a partisan assault on the Trump presidency. There is room for belief in both scenarios, as along with the Manafort-Gates-Papadopoulos indictments came the resignation of Tony Podesta from the firm that was acting with the Clinton campaign in relations with the Russians. Moreover, press rumors indicate that Mueller and his staff are looking closely at that side of the complex controversy. Mueller has imposed severe restraints on Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign manager, (for three months and years after the conduct alleged in his indictment), both seizing his passport and confining him to house arrest. The next moves should indicate whether Mueller is attempting a serious and even-handed exploration of the suspect conduct of all relevant parties, or if he is just running another assassination squad against the incumbent president in the tradition of Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski (against Richard Nixon), Lawrence Walsh (Iran Contra and Ronald Reagan), and Kenneth Starr (President Clinton).

If Mueller is shifting his focus to get to the bottom of the Clinton role on the Uranium One affair (where he as FBI director and the present deputy and acting attorney general Rod Rosenstein, as U.S. attorney in Maryland, prosecuted Russian intermediaries), he will grill his successor and protégé James Comey about the FBI’s role in assembling the spurious Steele dossier. The Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee seem to……


Are Trump and Mueller Headed for a Real Confrontation? | The National Interest

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