Trump Conspiracy? Are you KIDDING ME?!!

When it comes to a Trump conspiracy theory, nothing has approached this Tweet by conspiracy theorist Paul Krugman. He claims that President-Elect Donald Trump has an incentive to allow a terrorist attack on American soil. As if. This fits right in with the liberal Democrat thinking of don’t let a good crisis got to waste. This is also the mindset of those misguided critics who referred to World War II as Roosevelt’s War.

As written by John Sexton for Hot Air:

Conspiracy theorist Paul Krugman speculated on Twitter Friday that President-elect Trump has an incentive to allow a major terror attack in the United States:

It’s not hard to unpack this. Bush was elected in 2000 by the narrowest of margins. Less than a year later we had the worst terror attack on U.S. soil in our history. The attack caused the public to rally around President Bush. So, if President-elect Trump wanted a similar boon to his public support he might feel some incentive to follow a similar path.

How would he do this exactly? Krugman doesn’t say, probably because the whole idea is already verging on the plot of Iron Man 3 or a couple seasons of 24. Like a lot of things Krugman says, this is more about casting shade on the enemy than making any actual connection of facts. For the guy who told the world Sarah Palin was responsible for the Tucson shooting facts are often an afterthought. The point here is simply to reinforce that Trump is a bad guy who would let terrorists….

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