Trump Derangement Syndrome causes media attack on Trump’s granddaughter

The only possible explanation for such a media attack on President Donald Trump’s granddaughter has to be the Trump Derangement Syndrome. Simon Denyer is this cad’s name and The Washington Post is his game. By association, he is definitely anti-Trump.

President Trump’s granddaughter Arabella Kushner just absolutely wowed her Chinese audience and the leaders of China with her abilities. She did it in Mandarin, Not just one song but three. Add to that some poetry as well. 

By the time Simon Denyer got through with his description of the event, the poor abused child must have been tortured to produce such a performance. Was it petty jealousy that caused his remarks. No. Anything good done in the Trump Camo must be denigrated by the leftist media.

As Written By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

In an article that rises to the level of self-parody, a Washington Post journalist with the Dickensian name Simon Denyer turns a touching moment of triumph into a bit of an ordeal.  As most readers know, President Trump’s granddaughter Arabella Kushner wowed an audience and the Chinese internet by singing three songs and reciting classical Chinese poetry.  Although shot with low production values (a home video, see?), the performance was expertly scripted to pull Chinese heartstrings, addressing the Chinese leader and his wife as “Uncle” and “Auntie,” as is often done in Chinese culture when families are close.

(I should note that young Miss Kushner’s pronunciation of the tonal language is pretty good – certainly better than what I was able to accomplish studying the language at Harvard after attaining adulthood.  She has learned the language the right way, from a nanny.)

Arabella’s mother, Ivanka Trump, already has a huge following in China and ….


Washington Post finds a way to pee on the Beijing triumph of Trump’s six-year-old granddaughter

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