Trump Exonerated by CNN’s Jake Tapper??

It appears that the Trump administration should be grateful that CNN’s Jake Tapper is out there doing his part in exonerating then fro RussiaGate. On his grand tour around the liberal media, Jake has had nothing but semantics to offer as proof of wrong doing. Like one of Mr. Tapper’s heroes, Bill Clinton, Jake is good at parsing words. that could keep the lawsuits down as well.

As Written By John Nolte for the Daily Wire:

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper, who of late has been on a tour of the left-wing Late Night shows, capped off his arrival as a celebrity Friday with an appearance at South By Southwest (SXSW). Just days after appearing on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter (Tapper identifies as a Serious Journalist), he sat down for an interview at the Austin, Texas, film festival, where, among other things, he proved that the six-month-old RussiaGate “scandal” is nothing more than a steaming pile of Fake News.

As I’ve been pointing out all week, this RussiaGate non-scandal — or the national media’s attempt to smear President Trump as a Russian sleeper agent; or smear Trump’s campaign as having something to do with WikiLeaks; or smear anyone associated with Trump as being guilty of some kind of improper contact with the Russians — is a big, fat joke.

Keep in mind that a mere two days into the Watergate scandal, two reporters and one anonymous source had already connected the break-in directly to the Nixon campaign. Six months into Watergate, two Nixon campaign officials had already been indicted, tried and convicted.  We are now six months into RussiaGate, and all our media’s got is EXACTLY NOTHING.

Naturally, without a challenge from his left-wing interviewer (MTV’s Ana Marie Cox), and apparently feeling defensive, Tapper attempted to explain why RussiaGate is not Fake News:

I call ‘fake news’ three recent things: When Trump said nobody in his campaign spoke to Russia, and they did; when Michael Flynn said he didn’t have contact with the Russians, and he did; and now our Attorney General said he didn’t speak to the Russians.

So this is all they got, y’all — a heaping-helping of Zilch hidden behind Tapper’s favorite game of….


Trump Exonerated: CNN’s Jake Tapper Just Proved RussiaGate Is Fake News | Daily Wire

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