Trump slams the door on the old Obama National Security Strategy

President Donald Trump released his National Security Strategy and it will not be well received by former President, Barack Obama. Mr. Obama’s last strategy was back in 2015 and reads nothing like what President Trump has in mind.

There are many difference in the approach to national security between the two plans. One of the first things that stand out is that President Trump is not afraid to name the enemy. Mr. Obama barely mentioned the roots of terrorism, while Mr. Trumpo calls it by name.

As you read through these five items you will notice that these were things that President Trump campaigned on. Here is another example of Trump delivering on promises. that is unexpected in a politician, which he most certainly is not.

As Written By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump’s new national security strategy was released on Monday.

A copy of the document obtained by The Daily Caller reveals a stark contrast between President Trump’s America First National Security Strategy and former President Barack Obama’s most recent national security strategy in 2015.

Renewed Focus On Islamist Terrorism

Trump’s new national security strategy places an emphasis on stopping Islamist terrorism and calls it out by name. Obama’s 2015 national security strategy referred to Islam just twice: once because it’s part of ISIS’ name and once to say the administration rejected “the lie that America and its allies are at war with Islam.”

The new national security strategy explicitly links Islamist ideology to jihadist terrorism.

“The United States continues to wage a long war against jihadist terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. These groups are linked by a common radical Islamist ideology that encourages violence against the United States and our partners and produces misery for those under their control,” the new strategy states.

Trump’s strategy also notes, “jihadist terrorists such as ISIS and al-Qaida ….


Donald Trump National Security Strategy | The Daily Caller

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