Trump Trolls and London Goes Bonkers

When President Donald Trump trolls, there is always an instant response. The President is able to pick at a situation and get a reaction from the left. He does it by using the truth instead of beating around the bush. Sometimes the truth is just more than the liberal heart can bear. They can’t handle the truth.

So what did our President do this time? You can bet that it had something to do with a tweet he sent. In this case, it was three. All three contained videos. All three involved Muslims doing something violent. The Mayor of London, a Muslim of the Religion of Peace, responded harshly as you will read here.

As Written By James Dellingpole for Breitbart: (Opinions below are the writers alone and do not represent Allen West’s views)

President Trump has offended pretty much the entirety of Britain’s political and media establishment up to and including the Prime Minister, the Mayor of London and the Archbishop of Canterbury. As a result, the Special Relationship is once more in jeopardy, and Trump has decided to cancel a planned working visit to the United Kingdom.

In a moment I shall explain why the president is right and his critics are wrong. But first a brief recap of what the fuss is all about.

Trump’s critics objected violently – or so they have publicly claimed – to three of his Twitter retweets.

These retweets showed videos, purportedly of members of the Religion of Peace (TM) behaving less than peacefully.

One depicted a bearded Muslim destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary.

One showed an Islamist mob pushing a teenage boy off a roof and then beating him to death.

One showed a white Dutch boy on crutches being gratuitously beaten up by a man described in the video caption as a “Muslim…..


Delingpole: Donald Trump Trolls Londonistan Like a Boss…

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