Trump will dump driveby media for Twitter in a New York Minute

Let there be no doubt that President-Elect Donald Trump finds no usefulness in the mainstream media. Their performance in the runup to the presidential election proved that they were in the back pocket of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. They should not be surprised that Twitter will be used by Mr. Trump to neutralize their bitter clinging to the progressive agenda.

As written by and seen first on Fox News:

The following commentary originally appeared in Fox News Politics on, the website of the Fox News Channel.

Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci told Fox News Friday that President-elect Donald Trump will continue to call out “falsehoods” in the news and “will go directly to the American people, right over the top of the mainstream media.”

Former financier Scaramucci spoke to “The O’Reilly Factor” about BuzzFeed’s “unconfirmed, never fact-checked” dossier containing salacious allegations about the president-elect that was published earlier this week.

“You know I think some of these news organizations have a hard time grabbing eyeballs,” Scaramucci told Fox News’ Eric Bolling. “So what they do is they say nonsense to get some attention.”

The financier and hedge fund founder said it’s up to the president-elect to decide whether BuzzFeed will be held accountable for the “unsubstantiated allegations” and that his relationship with the news organization’s editor-in-chief, Ben Smith, has not been ……


Scaramucci: Trump will ‘will go directly to the American people, right over the top of the mainstream media’ | Fox News

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