Trump’s Executive Order: Not a Muslim Ban so Can the Hysteria 

When President Donald Trump signed his executive order suspending refugee movement from 7 countries, the Alt-Left and their media fell off a cliff. They have screamed all the way to the bottom. Worse yet, it is all fake news in what is being asserted. Did they read they order? Is this all political posturing? You can look it up, but the President just implemented laws passed by a Democrat controlled Congress. Geez.

As Written By David French for National Review:

The hysterical rhetoric about President Trump’s executive order on refugees is out of control. Let’s slow down and take a look at the facts.

To read the online commentary, one would think that President Trump just fundamentally corrupted the American character. You would think that the executive order on refugees he signed yesterday betrayed America’s Founding ideals. You might even think he banned people from an entire faith from American shores. Just look at the rhetoric.

Here’s Chuck Schumer:

If you thought only Senator Schumer saw tears in Lady Liberty’s eyes, think again. Here’s Nancy Pelosi:



Donald Trump’s Refugee Executive Order: No Muslim Ban — Separating Fact from Hysteria | National Review

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