Tucker Carlson Blisters President Trump

In this video, FOX News host Tucker Carlson defends Attorney General Jeff Sessions from an attack by President Donald Trump. Mr. Carlson cautions the President and reminds him who his friends really are. Why is President Trump so upset with AG Sessions? It has to do with the open-ended investigation that has been launched against the President and the President’s family. It is obvious that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already laid the foundation for a far-ranging witch hunt, looking for any evidence that might be used against the President. All the staff the Mueller has hired are known Democrat operatives and also supporters of Hillary Clinton. I would be worried if I faced such a kangaroo court that has lined up against the President.

As Written By Aida Chavez for The Hill:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday criticized President Trump for attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling it a “useless, self-destructive act.”

“Pay less attention to the New York Times and more to Matt Drudge,” Carlson said. “Lay off Jeff Sessions. He’s your friend.”

Carlson said the attack is a “worrisome sign the president may be forgetting who is on his side,” adding that Sessions is the rare Trump ally who actually believes in the agenda.

Sessions, who served as a federal prosecutor and state attorney general before his election to Congress from Alabama, was the first senator to endorse Trump in the GOP presidential primary.

In an interview Wednesday, Trump told The New York Times that that he would not have picked Sessions as his attorney general had he known he would recuse himself from the investigations into Russian election interference, calling the recusal “very …..


Tucker Carlson: Trump attack on Sessions a ‘useless, self-destructive act’ | TheHill

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