Turkish Coup Attempt Spawns Many Conspiracy Theories

There are many conspiracy theories floating around the world wide web about the attempted military coup in Turkey. Many of these theories claim to have substantial evidence to prove their cases. The one that seemed to stand out the most was the lack of securing the President and his top administration. Watch the video and read more below as reported by Fox News.

As seen first and reported by Fox News:

Last week’s failed coup attempt left Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in such a strong position that many Turks and others believe he himself engineered it – or at the very least knew of it and let it play out to his advantage.

Supporters of the “staged coup” theory say there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence to support their claim, and have busily discussed and debated the topic in social media – which has a huge engagement rate in Turkey – and other platforms.

Among the questions being asked are why coup plotters didn’t execute the most basic steps in seizing power, like securing Erdogan and other top officials. Not a single member of his cabinet and inner-circle AKP party leadership was detained. Nor did coup plotters effectively take control of TV, radio and internet outlets. The government TRT station and CNN Turk were for a time occupied by alleged coup plotters, who quickly retreated as the putsch fell apart.

As a result, Erdogan and a slew of his key ministers were able to make……

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