20 Things We Should Not Have To Contend With On The Fourth Of July

Here is a list I compiled off the top of my head. What would you add?
    1. Political Correctness that stifles all debate.
    2. An amoral society that can justify any behavior.
      • Godless Society
    3. Progressives – Changed the name but still Socialist
    4. Career Politicians
      • Compromise – we didn’t elect you to compromise
      • Lies to get elected then changing tune when voting day comes
      • Backroom deals that sell out the American People (a.k.a Secret Treaties)
      • Passing it before they read it – need I say more?
    5. “Journalism”aka Journalistic Integrity – or lack thereof
    6. University Professors who tell you (and your college kids) what to think.
    7. Drive By Media and their total lack of integrity..
    8. Intolerance: I cannot stand it.
    9. Single Payer Healthcare that takes all your money, your doctor, and your health.
    10. Entitlements because no one is entitled to them.
    11. Tax Law written for the special interests.
    12. Runaway Justice System that thinks it is a Legislature.
    13. Diversity that creates Balkanization
    14. EPA. IRS, DHS, FEC, FCC, TPP, TPA: Three letter groupings to hobble the nation.
    15. Social Justice that is unjust to any that disagree.
    16. Mob Mentality which closely resembles rule by simple majority rule.
    17. Redistribution of anything that is yours to those that are “entitled” to it.
    18. Gun Control – which places all power in  professional and government criminals.
    19. Abortion “Rights” that ignore the rights of the unborn person
    20. Feminist Hypocrisy – War on Women by Women orchestrated to deter us from the real war on women – Islam

List compiled by Tanya Grimsley and Paul Clark

Fireworks behind statue of liberty

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