Two Major Party Dynasties Are Under Attack As Never Before

The Bush and Clinton dynasties seem to be grinding to an end. You can tell that it is happening by all the wailing and flailing that are coming from the two camps. It is apparent that they are trying to resist, but it will not stop their fall. Donna Brazile’s book has opened the floodgates into the wicked world of Hillary, while the Bush families try to take out President Trump. It is their last gasps for relevancy. Read more here.

As Written By W. James Antle III for The Washington Examiner:

The open sniping between President Trump and the Bush family comes at the same time that veteran Democratic insider Donna Brazille is revealing her doubts about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and the process by which she beat Bernie Sanders.

It’s not a mere coincidence. The dynasties at the top of the two major parties for the past quarter-century are under attack from within as never before. Trump ran as a rejection especially of George W. Bush in the 2016 Republican primaries and used Jeb Bush as a foil during the debates, riding that anti-establishment wave all the way to the White House.

Hillary Clinton was able to beat back a surprisingly strong primary challenge from Sanders, the septuagenarian socialist senator from Vermont who had never even appeared on the ballot as a Democrat before. But Sanders was running against Bill Clinton’s centrist Democratic Leadership Council legacy as much as his was a protest candidacy against Hillary.

Both outcomes have been second-guessed. Hillary’s defeat at the hands of Trump has some Democrats quietly questioning whether Sanders was right all along, even as they cheer her not-so-cathartic book tour. Republicans (and more than a few liberals) have begun to miss the virtues of both Presidents Bush after prolonged exposure to Trump’s vices.

Nevertheless, the underlying political conditions in both parties appear to be moving against the Bushes and Clintons. Look no further than Virginia, where no less of a Bush Republican than Ed ……


The Clinton and Bush dynasties face challenges from inside their own parties

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