Two new surveys show conservatives and liberals significantly divided over what it means to be a patriot

It may come as a surprise, but there seem to be two patriotisms at work in America. We really may be a nation divided. The Barna Institute took a look at this effect and has some numbers that are hard to digest.

The informed reader will take a close look at the questions asked and then look at the responses. It is interesting to note that liberal no loger hold a classic view of what patriotism is all about. if you could sum it up, it might be considered globalism at the expense of nationalism. It shows why there appears to be such a divisive issue in politics at this time. Where has this liberal worldview come from? is there a way to fix this?

As Written By Paul Strand for CBN News:

Two new surveys show conservatives and liberals significantly divided over what it means to be a patriot.

“We are now dealing with a nation that is fractured when it comes to patriotism,” said Anne Sorock of the Ear To the Ground Listening Project, which labeled the surveys “A Tale of Two Patriotisms.”

Heading up the polling was George Barna of the American Culture & Faith Institute.

“There are significant differences across the country regarding beliefs pertaining to America, pertaining to patriotism, even about citizenship,” he said.

For instance, when asked if an accurate description of patriotism is believing America comes first always, Sorock said, “82% of conservatives think that was accurate and 47% of liberals.”

Those surveyed were asked if it would be accurate to describe them as proud to be an American.

“65% of conservatives said that’s a completely accurate description of them, and 37% of liberals said that was completely accurate, that they feel proud to be an American,” Sorock explained.

Which is Patriotic: Fox News or CNN, Hobby Lobby or ……


New Study Reveals an American ‘Tale of Two Patriotisms’ | CBN News

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