Two Unprecedented Crises Are Coming to a Head

You probably were unaware, like most of us, that there is the possibility of two unprecedented crises happening in the same week. Crisis number one would be the House Intelligence Committee FISA Court surveillance memo and the constitutional implications there. Crisis number two would be the unknown fact that the Russians are coming to town. What for? This is an interesting perspective to read.

As Written and Reported By James Lewis for the Amerincan Thinker:

Two unprecedented crises are coming to a head this week.

First the Nunes Committee memo may be released at any moment, thereby exposing a number of FBI, DOJ, and IRS biggies. Maybe also CIA, State Department, and Obama’s National Security Counsel.

Trump is in favor of publishing the memo, Chairman Nunes is in favor, and millions of American conservatives want to see that memo.

But now the U.S. Spook Agencies have lined up behind the FBI.

On top of that speeding train wreck, no less than three different top honchos of Putin’s intelligence agencies are also coming to Washington D.C.

This makes no sense, unless their personal presence was urgently needed. Normally they could just pick up the phone and talk to anybody in D.C. But for some reason the three top Russian agency heads are making the trip together, to be in D.C. in person.

Each of those events is unique. Two historic moments rarely happen in the same week.

We don’t know for sure, but they could be connected.

Putin’s spooks could be afraid that a major crisis among American spy agencies could also expose their own secrets. John le Carre’s novel, The Looking Glass War, was all about common interests between nominal enemies, and Le Carre used to be a real spook himself.

It is also possible that the Iran-North Korea nuclear buildup is rising to a climax……


Will Putin rescue Mueller?

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