TX Business Owner Shows Us All What Peace Means After Devastating Loss to Hurricane Harvey [Video]

Hurrican Harvey is creating destruction in southern Texas that is approaching biblical proportions. In this video, however, you will see a true spirit of Texas and of America. Where most would be devastated by the losses that are faced, this man is an inspiration to all. God bless him for hanging in there and you for watching this video.

As Written By Frank Camp for the Daily Wire:

In the wake of hurricane Harvey, many southern Texas residents are understandably devastated. The wind and rain have leveled many homes and businesses, and the state of Texas will continue to be pummeled by this storm for days.

While most would express feelings of rage or sorrow at the loss of a home or livelihood, Ruben Sazón, an artist and jeweler who spoke with CNN’s Rick Valencia, showed a rather inspiring attitude:

VALENCIA: We’re joined by the owner of this jewelry store. Ruben, come on in here, man. You’ve been waiting all – a long time to tell your story. I know that it must be really hard to look at that building. What is it like to show up and look at your shop just destroyed?

SAZON: I was just absolutely devastated, heartbroken, sad, you know, but I knew it was going to happen someday. I thought years ago, a different hurricane, but with Harvey out there, and as it was coming along the coast and strengthening…I knew this one was going to be a lot stronger, and I thought, “Well okay, this could be the last time I ever make my jewelry here.”

VALENCIA: Were you able to get anything out? Are there any precious metals in there?

SAZON: I was able to save something, not everything. I didn’t get to save all my equipment – I’ve lost some of that, but I was able to get my paintings. ………




Business Owner Devastated By Hurricane Harvey Shows Us All What Peace Means | Daily Wire

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