U.S. lifts embargo on arms sales to WHO? [VIDEO]

Vietnam is now our friend…. Really? That is a strange turn of events for two nations that had such a long and bitter struggle. It is true that politics and diplomacy makes for strange bedfellows. But if your enemy is my enemy, that now makes you my friend. In this case China is the 1000 pound gorilla standing in the South China Sea grabbing things that by international law are not up for grabs. Vietnam is a communist run country, just as is China. It seems strange that one would be a threat to the other. It is even stranger that we would now be sided with Vietnam. It will be interesting to see what the Obama administration gets for their support of Vietnam. 

As Written By David Nakamura, The Washington Post:

In historic move, U.S. lifts embargo on arms sales to Vietnam.

HANOI — The Obama administration announced Monday that the United States would fully lift a longstanding U.S. embargo on lethal arms sales to Vietnam, a decision that reflects growing concerns about China’s military clout and illustrates the warming bilateral ties between the former enemy nations.

President Obama unveiled the new arrangement at a news conference with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang during the opening day of his first visit to the country. Obama emphasized that his decision reflected a maturing relationship and deepening cooperation on security and economic investment four decades after the end of the Vietnam War.

Two years ago, the administration eased portions of the arms embargo that had been in place since 1975 to help bolster Vietnam’s maritime security in the South China Sea, where China’s move to exert more naval control of crucial shipping corridors has angered Vietnam, the Philippines and other nations that have claimed sovereignty…….


In historic move, U.S. lifts embargo on arms sales to Vietnam – The Washington Post

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