U.S. Missile Defense Cannot Be a One For One Tradeoff

If your missile defense is down to a one on one match up with an aggressor, your defenses will rapidly become saturated. That is gist if the comments from Admiral Bill Gortney, responsible for defending United States air space. And while he is not currently worried about our situation, he foresees a need to expand our capabilities and technology to prevent that scenario. There is no urgent need to hasten to your bomb shelter at the moment. The continued expansion of North Korean missile capabilities and its ever threatening narrative bears watching. With the ambitions of China and Russia like dark clouds on the horizon, it is apparent that the Peace Dividend was cashed in way too early. Read more in the Reuters article.

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As Reported By Reuters: 

Admiral: U.S. May Need More Missile Defenses to Counter Growing Threat

Current U.S. missile defenses can counter an attack on U.S. territory by North Korea or Iran but Washington will have to boost its response capacity if those countries keep expanding their missile forces, a top U.S. admiral said on Thursday.

Admiral Bill Gortney, the officer responsible for defending U.S. air space, told a Senate panel it was “prudent” for him to assume North Korea had the ability to miniaturize a nuclear weapon and put it on an intercontinental ballistic missile that could target the United States.

“Intel community gives it a very low probability of success, but I do not believe the American people want (me) to base my readiness assessment on a low probability,” he added.

Gortney’s comments came at a time of heightened tensions with North Korea after Pyongyang tested a nuclear device and a long-range rocket. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also announced Pyongyang had miniaturized a nuclear device to be fitted on an ICBM, an assertion met with skepticism elsewhere.


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