U.S. State Dept. BRAGS to U.N. “We Have 46.5 Million on Food Stamps”

by Terence P. Jeffrey for CNS News

In response to a recommendation made by the Communist government of Cuba, the U.S. State Department is boasting ina report submitted to the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights on Friday that there were “46.5 million” people on food stamps in the United States last year and that a quarter of all Americans received government “food assistance.”

In response to the same Cuban recommendation, the State Department also told the U.N. High Commissioner that 9 million people have signed up for Medicaid since October 2013—as part of the impact of Obamacare.

“In FY2014, we invested more than $103 billion in domestic food assistance programs, serving one in four Americans during the year,” the State Department told the U.N. High Commissioner.

“[N]early nine million individuals have enrolled in coverage in state-run Medicaid programs since October 2013,” said the State Department.

The State Department report was presented as part of the “Universal Periodic Review” that the U.N. Human Rights Council is conducting this year on human rights condition in the United States.


U.S. Brags to U.N.: We Have 46.5 Million on Food Stamps | CNS News.


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