UAE Announces Support for Jordan in fight against ISIS

by Katie Frates for The Daily Caller

The United Arab Emirates will aid Jordan in its fight against ISIS after a horrific video emerged Tuesday of a Jordanian pilot being burned alive.

UAE announced Saturday that it will send a squadron of F-16 jets to aid Jordan, NBC News reports. The official government news agency also said UAE’s combat operations, which have been suspended since December, will resume “very soon.”

Jordanians were outraged by the death of pilot 1st Lt. Muadh al-Kasasbeh and have demanded that their government strike back. Jordan’s government released a statement saying there would be an “earth-shaking” response, and published a video online Thursday showing an F-16 fleet bombing ISIS. The new campaign will stretch from Syria to Iraq.

Jordan also expedited the executions of five ISIS prisoners to Wednesday, who were originally part of a potential trade for Kasasbeh.


United Arab Emirates Will Help Jordan Fight ISIS [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller.


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