UNBELIEVABLE Leak from the President’s Meeting

If it did not happen so often, it would be unbelievable that details of a National Security Council meeting would get leaked faster than a speeding bullet. This time it is the President’s desire to leave Syria that has been fed to the press and other opposition to the President. ISIS has been defeated in Syria and there is some political pressure to get our troops out of there. The establishment is afraid of what might rise to fill a vacuum there and oppose the President. So who leaked what the President is discussing and what will be done about it?

As Written and Reported By Ryan Pickrell for the Daily Caller:

As much of the national security establishment pushes back against President Donald Trump’s calls for a swift withdrawal from Syria, officials are again leaking details of the president’s classified meetings to the media.

The president recently stated that the U.S. will be leaving Syria “very soon,” but the Pentagon, State Department, and CIA reportedly all support long-term involvement in Syria, with senior leadership expressing concerns about the ramifications of a hasty withdrawal from the war-torn country. The president became “testy” and signaled “his patience is running out” on the Syria issue during a meeting with the National Security Council at the White House Tuesday, CNN and The Associated Press, citing officials familiar with the situation but not “authorized” to discuss it, reported.

Trump has yet to publicly order the withdrawal of the roughly 2,000 American troops in Syria, but he has made his intentions clear. “I want to get out,” he said at a press conference Tuesday, adding, “I want to bring our troops back home. I want to start rebuilding our nation.” But as the president, who was elected by a……


Leaks Appear As Trump Faces Pushback On Syria | The Daily Caller


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