Under the leadership of President Donald Trump, we are witnessing something we haven’t seen in YEARS!

Under the leadership of President Donald Trump, we are witnessing the Incredible Shrinking Federal Government. While the President may not create and delete agencies, that is the job of Congress, he does have control of the Federal workforce. As you read through this article you can see by actual numbers what has happened to the workforce. there is a bit of humor in there as well.

As Written By Ed Straker for the American Thinker:

While President Trump can’t shrink the size of government without Congress, he can shrink the size of the federal workforce, and he has, dramatically.  After one year in office, the Treasury Department has 7.5% fewer employees.  The Department of Education (which doesn’t educate a single child) is 4.8% smaller.  The Department of Labor (without a single laborer) is down 4.6%.  The Department of State, which must do something, but I can’t figure out what, has 3.8% fewer employees.  Commerce and HUD are each down 3%.

Even though President Trump has not fired anyone, he has left many open jobs unfilled and has subtly encouraged existing employees to, how shall I put it, grow in other directions.

The administration’s effort so far to reshape the workforce of nearly 2 million civil servants that serves as the backbone of the government already has provoked a contentious culture shift.

Federal workers fret that their jobs could be zeroed out amid buyouts and early retirement offers that already have prompted hundreds of their colleagues to leave, according to interviews with three dozen employees across the government.  Many chafed as supervisors laid down new rules they said are aimed at holding poor performers and problem workers to account.

Agencies have told employees that they should no longer count on getting glowing reviews in their performance appraisals, according to staff in multiple offices, as has been the case for years……


Bureaucrats scream as Trump eliminates govt. jobs



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