“Unfair” Purchase Tickets Now: ONE NIGHT ONLY EVENT TUESDAY, OCT 14TH

More  details about the film can be found here: 
Tickets can be purchased here:
 “UnFair is showing as a “One Night Only Event”. We have grassroots leaders all around the nation willing to do the leg work, to turn out the people and fill the seats, and create a buzz that brings along those less politically mature, and with your help as a Sponsor, they can reach a much wider audience by giving away those tickets to the curious or the seekers.” TexasGOPVote.gov


Hollywood Reporter- Tea Party-Friendly Documentary Hitting Theaters: “The IRS shakes down innocent people, harasses them out of business, and does so without accountability,” Huckabee says. “It wants you to provide a restaurant receipt from seven years ago, but it can’t even follow federal law to keep up with its internal correspondence by email.”

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