UnFair The Movie ~ It’s not Trick or Treat

On a typical Halloween evening, little witches, ghosts, goblins, and a whole plethora of scary things will be visiting your house. They will demand treats or you will be treated to a trick. It is your choice. You can play the game and provide them a treat that you hope will be sufficient or you will take the option to be ‘tricked’ and something unpleasant may happen.

As a teenager, I had been known to bypass these rules of engagement and look for the unresponsive door in order to create a little mischief. It was not fair. I did not give the home a chance to protect themselves, and as judge and jury, I dealt out the punishment.

This is not at all unlike a household dealing with the IRS. All year long and on April the 15th, the IRS will be at your door demanding their treat in tax dollars as your obligation to play their game by their rules. As an arm of the Federal Government, and without due process, they set the rules, hold their ‘trial’, and deliver their judgement on you. Your due process is totally violated.

UnFair: Exposing the IRS is an important event coming soon to a theater near you. Inform your family, friends (local and on line), and neighbors of this rapidly coming event.  http://www.unfairmovie.com/

You can sign-up to be a theater captain at your local theater(s).  Search for your local theater HERE.

    Promotional items you receive as a theater captain

  •     Free Tickets for Promotion
  •     UnFair T-Shirts
  •     Posters
  •     Chapter 1 of Unfair Book
  •     Bumper Stickers
  •     Business Card handouts

Duties of a Theater Captain

  •   Hang movie posters in different locations throughout your community
  •   Distribute flyers to groups and at events, or put bulletin inserts at local churches
  •   Email local churches, Tea Parties, Republican groups with information about UnFair
  •   Take a group of family or friends to see UnFair: Exposing the IRS
  •   Plan an Office Party at the movies
  •   Distribute flyers to area businesses and restaurants
  •   Share the Facebook events and invite friends and family to go see UnFair

       HELP make UnFair a great success!


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