Universities Misusing 1st Amendment to Deny Veterans Theirs? [Video]

University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) is allowing someone to post flyers on campus suggesting that former service members should be banned from all 4-year universities. Apparently, the idea that veterans might have a differing opinion than the snowflakes is very disturbing to them. They do not want to hear any opinion that flies in the face of their liberal progressive socialism. You would think that serving your country makes you a lesser class citizen and you have no rights to decide where you want to study.

As Written By KKTV:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – A newsletter posted on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) campus started to make the rounds on social media Thursday. It states veterans should be banned from four-year universities. Several viewers asked 11 News to look into the origin of the newsletter.

The letter states military veterans should be banned from classes and compares the military culture to white supremacist groups.

The newsletter is titled “Social Justice Collective Weekly” and says it is the first issue. A spokesperson for UCCS said the newsletter has nothing to do with the school and does not represent the institution’s views. However, it was reportedly approved by the university and posted on a bulletin board. The school says anyone is allowed to post items on the board.

On Friday, the chancellor issued a statement.

It reads in part:

“This flyer stands at the intersection of two core values for UCCS and higher education.

On the one hand, we recognize the right of people to express their viewpoints, even when those viewpoints are offensive to many in our community. The University of Colorado system adheres to the freedoms embodied in the United States Constitution, which include the freedom of speech contained in the First Amendment………


Newsletter on UCCS: ‘Veterans should be banned from four-year universities’

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