Uranium One deal Undermines Robert Mueller. He Must Go!

Finally, some Republicans stood up and questioned whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller can investigate the Uranium One deal. That is the uranium deal that gets Hillary Clinton accused of allowing to go through for “donations’ to the Clinton Foundation.

This all happened during the Obama administration, and Mr. Mueller was a part of that. It is also Mr. Mueller’s close ties with former FBI Director James Comey that make his ethics questionable. After all, both men may have a dog in this fight and Mueller would be in the perfect place to run interference and protect them. This is a worthy cause for the Republicans to pursue.

As Written By Karoun Demirjian for the Washington Post:

Three conservative House Republicans are expected to file a resolution Friday calling on special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to recuse himself from his probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, accusing him of conflicts of interest.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who wrote the resolution, accuses Mueller of having a conflict of interest because he was serving as FBI chief when the Obama administration approved a deal allowing a Russian company to purchase a Canada-based mining group with uranium operations in the United States, according to a draft obtained by The Washington Post.

President Trump has often brought up the Uranium One deal in 2010 as a way to accuse Hillary Clinton of potential corruption and foreign collusion, despite scant evidence she was directly involved in the decision to allow it to proceed. Nine government agencies make up the government committee that reviews such deals, along with five other observer agencies; the FBI is not one of them.

The GOP also launched two congressional probes into the matter last month, questioning whether the FBI and Justice Department were looking into Russia’s attempts to ……..

Conservative Republicans demand Mueller recuse himself over uranium deal – The Washington Post

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