US and Russian fighter jets have a confrontation

Fighter jets play a high-stakes game of chicken over Syria. Fighters from the United States and Russian had a less than cordial meeting in the skies over the Middle East. It sounds like the Russian fighter jets were in an area that was not agreed upon.

This has all the trappings of the old Cold War games of cat and mouse. The Russians were definitely testing the United States pilots. The question is whether or not this was by design or was it just some Russians feeling their oats.

As Written By Lucas Tomlinson for Fox News:

A pair of U.S. Air Force stealth fighter jets intercepted two Russian attack jets in Syria, an area off-limits to Russian jets based on a long-standing mutual agreement, a U.S. defense official told Fox News on Thursday.

During the incident, both American F-22 jets fired flares after cutting across the front of the Russian jets, a tactic known as ‘head-butting,’ meant to send a strong warning to an opposing warplane.

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon confirmed the 40-minute long incident to Fox News, adding that at one point a Russian attack jet flew close enough to an F-22 that it had to aggressively maneuver to avoid a midair collision.

The incident took place Wednesday, east of the Euphrates River, the official said.

U.S. military officials raised concerns about the incident through a hotline established in the past two years between American and Russian air forces.

In recent months, Russian jets have increasingly flown in restricted areas in eastern Syria, violating long established agreements with the U.S.-led coalition.

The Pentagon spokesman said it has become “increasingly tough” to determine whether Russian pilots’ actions are deliberate or honest mistakes…..


US fighter jets ‘head-butt’ Russian jets in Syria, US official says | Fox News

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