US Navy’s ‘Game Changer’?

The United States Navy knows that in warfare, information dominance is the key to victory. The idea is to know everything the enemy thinks and does while denying the enemy any access to information on your own forces. Back in the day, the Navy had a Navy Tactical Data System. It was the first successful linking of fleet forces data together so that all sensor data was shared. The new system will take this Navy concept to even higher levels of performance and usability. It will be greatly needed if Russia and China continue the growth of their own force capabilities. 

031130-N-3653A-002- Atlantic Ocean (Nov. 30, 2003) -- USS George Washington (CVN 73) Carrier Strike Group formation sails in the Atlantic Ocean. Washington is conducting Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) in preparation for their upcoming deployment. U.S Navy photo by Photographers Mate 2nd Class Summer M. Anderson. (RELEASED)
USS George Washington (CVN 73) Carrier Strike Group formation sails in the Atlantic Ocean.  U.S Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Summer M. Anderson.


As Written By Alex Lockie, Business Insider:

The US Navy has a new trick up its sleeve, and it could be a game changer.

The US Navy is preparing to roll out an advanced network of targeting information that will revolutionize the fleet’s capabilities in a time when they are increasingly being threatened by regional rivals.

Russia and China are at or near parity with US Naval forces in key strategic areas and developing convincing anti-access/area denial defenses. Russia has even gone as far as to simulate attacks on the USS Donald Cook as it sailed off the coast of Poland.

American air superiority is in question in a time when our allies need our reassurance most, but there is a bright spot just over the horizon.



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